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When Were Chokers First Introduced In Fashion?

Imagine yourself transported back to the medieval era, feasting your eyes upon the exquisite costumes donned by noblewomen. Among the various fashion statements, one accessory instantly catches your attention – the choker. Its delicate yet alluring presence speaks volumes about the wearer’s elegance and status. But have you ever wondered when these fashionable neckpieces first made their grand entrance into the world of fashion? In this article, we will embark on a journey through time and discover the intriguing origins of chokers, unearthing their captivating evolution throughout history.

Ancient History

Egyptian Era

In ancient history, chokers made their first appearance during the Egyptian Era. The ancient Egyptians were known for their elaborate jewelry designs, and chokers were no exception. Chokers were worn by both men and women and were made from a variety of materials such as gold, beads, and gemstones. These chokers were often adorned with intricate patterns and symbols that held significant meaning in Egyptian culture. They were considered a symbol of wealth and status, and were worn by Pharaohs and members of the royal court. Chokers in ancient Egypt were not only fashionable accessories, but also served a purpose in religious ceremonies and rituals.

Sumerian Civilization

Another ancient civilization that embraced the choker trend was the Sumerian civilization. The Sumerians, who lived in Mesopotamia around 4000 BC, were pioneers in many aspects of civilization, including fashion. Chokers made of various materials such as shells, bones, and metals were commonly worn by both men and women in Sumerian society. These chokers were often embellished with intricate carvings and designs, showcasing the craftsmanship of the Sumerian people. The chokers were not only a fashion statement, but also held religious and cultural significance in Sumerian society. They were believed to provide protection and ward off evil spirits.

Renaissance Period

Jeweled Chokers

Fast forward to the Renaissance period, chokers continued to make a statement in the fashion world. During this time, chokers took on a more ornate and extravagant form. Jeweled chokers became particularly popular among the nobility and aristocracy. These chokers were adorned with precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, and were often intricately crafted with gold or silver. They were a symbol of wealth and social status, and were worn as a fashion statement to demonstrate one’s affluence. Jeweled chokers were often paired with elaborate gowns and were seen as a crowning jewel of a lady’s ensemble.

Lace and Velvet Chokers

In addition to jeweled chokers, lace and velvet chokers gained popularity during the Renaissance period. These softer, more delicate chokers added a touch of delicacy and femininity to women’s attire. Lace chokers were often intricately woven with beautiful patterns, while velvet chokers added a regal touch with their rich and luxurious texture. Both types of chokers were favored by women of all social classes during the Renaissance period, and were considered an essential accessory to complete a fashionable ensemble. Lace and velvet chokers were often paired with high-necked dresses and gowns, allowing them to be showcased in all their elegance and beauty.

Victorian Era

Black Ribbon Chokers

Moving on to the Victorian Era, chokers took on a darker and more subdued aesthetic. The black ribbon choker became a staple accessory during this time, especially among the upper classes. These chokers were simple yet sophisticated, consisting of a black ribbon tied snugly around the neck. They were often adorned with small gems or cameos, adding a touch of elegance to their overall design. Black ribbon chokers were favored by the Victorian women as they perfectly complemented the fashionable high-necked dresses of the era. They were a symbol of modesty and grace, and were worn as a sign of refinement and proper etiquette.

Cameo Chokers

Alongside the black ribbon chokers, cameo chokers also gained popularity during the Victorian Era. Cameos were miniature carvings usually made from shell or stone, depicting intricate profiles or scenes. These cameos were often set into ornate settings and attached to a delicate chain or ribbon, creating an elegant choker design. Cameo chokers were highly valued for their exquisite craftsmanship and became a symbol of femininity and sophistication. They were worn by women of all ages and served as a way to showcase their status and refined taste. Cameo chokers were often paired with low-necked gowns, allowing the intricately carved cameos to take center stage.

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The Roaring Twenties

Flapper Style Chokers

With the arrival of the Roaring Twenties came a dramatic shift in fashion and the emergence of the iconic flapper style. Chokers became a key accessory in the flapper’s wardrobe, representing the liberation and rebellious spirit of the era. Flapper style chokers were typically made from pearls or beads and were designed to sit high on the neck, creating a bold and glamorous look. These chokers were often long strands that could be wrapped multiple times around the neck or be adorned with tassels and dangling pendants. They added a touch of sophistication and glamour to the iconic flapper ensemble, which featured dresses with drop waistlines and exposed arms.

The Punk Revolution

DIY Chokers

Punk culture emerged in the 1970s and brought with it a new wave of fashion, including the reimagining of chokers. DIY chokers became a popular trend during this time, as individuals took matters into their own hands and created unique and personalized chokers. Anything and everything could be used to make a choker – from safety pins and leather strips to chains and studs. The DIY choker trend represented the rebellious and nonconformist attitude of the punk movement, allowing individuals to express their individuality and creativity through their accessories. DIY chokers were often worn with ripped jeans, band t-shirts, and leather jackets, creating a bold and edgy fashion statement.

Spikes and Chains

Expanding on the punk revolution, chokers adorned with spikes and chains became a staple in the punk fashion scene. These chokers were designed to make a bold and defiant statement, with sharp spikes and heavy chains symbolizing rebellion and anti-establishment sentiments. Spike and chain chokers were worn by both men and women, and their aggressive aesthetic perfectly complemented the punk fashion style, which often consisted of leather jackets, torn clothing, and band patches. These chokers became an emblem of the punk movement, representing individuality, nonconformity, and a rejection of societal norms.

The 1990s Comeback

Popularity of Chokers

After a period of relative quiet, chokers made a comeback in the 1990s. This resurgence can be attributed to their prominent appearance in popular culture, particularly among teenage girls. Chokers became a must-have accessory for the fashion-conscious youth, as they embodied the grunge and alternative fashion trends of the time. They were a staple in the wardrobe of iconic ’90s figures such as the Spice Girls and Drew Barrymore. Chokers in the 1990s were often made from simple materials such as plastic or fabric, and were worn as a statement piece to complete a casual and edgy look. They were typically worn with denim jackets, flannel shirts, and combat boots, channeling the rebellious and carefree spirit of the era.

20th Century Runway

Bold Choker Designs

The choker trend continued to evolve during the 20th century, with various designers incorporating bold and innovative designs into their collections. High-end fashion houses such as Chanel and Dior showcased chokers that pushed boundaries and challenged traditional notions of jewelry design. Chokers made from unconventional materials such as leather, metal, and even plastic were seen on the runways, further blurring the lines between accessory and fashion statement. These bold choker designs became popular among fashion-forward individuals who sought to make a daring and avant-garde fashion statement. Chokers were no longer restricted to specific subcultures or styles, but were instead embraced by individuals from all walks of life.

Modern Variations

Layered Chokers

In recent years, layering has become a prominent trend in choker fashion. Layered chokers involve wearing multiple chokers of varying lengths and styles together, creating a dynamic and unique look. This trend allows individuals to showcase their creativity and personal style by mixing and matching different chokers to create a customized and layered effect. Layered chokers can be worn with casual outfits to elevate an everyday look, or with more formal attire for a touch of drama and sophistication. This modern variation of chokers has gained popularity due to its versatility and ability to add an interesting dimension to any ensemble.

Statement Chokers

Statement chokers have also become a popular choice for those seeking to make a bold and eye-catching fashion statement. these chokers are designed to be the focal point of an outfit, featuring oversized embellishments, unique shapes, and unconventional materials. Statement chokers can be made from anything from feathers and crystals to metal and sculptural elements. They are often worn with minimalist or monochromatic outfits to create a striking contrast and draw attention to the neck area. Statement chokers have gained popularity on red carpets and in fashion editorials, with celebrities and fashion influencers embracing this trend to make a memorable and fashion-forward statement.

Pop Culture Influence

Celebrity Endorsement

Throughout history, chokers have been heavily influenced by celebrity culture. Celebrities have played a pivotal role in popularizing and bringing attention to various choker trends. From the iconic cameo chokers of the Victorian era to the grunge-inspired chokers of the 1990s, celebrities have often been seen wearing these stylish accessories, leading to widespread adoption among their fans. The influence of celebrities on choker fashion continues to this day, with stars like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid frequently spotted wearing chokers and inspiring their fans to embrace this timeless trend.

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Chokers in Music Videos

Music videos have also played a significant role in shaping the popularity of chokers. Throughout the years, musicians and artists have incorporated chokers into their on-screen personas, further cementing their status as a fashion staple. From Madonna’s iconic lace chokers in the 1980s to Taylor Swift’s edgy spike chokers in more recent years, music videos have showcased the versatility and style impact of chokers. These visual representations have influenced fans around the world to adopt chokers as their own fashionable accessory, connecting the worlds of music and fashion in a dynamic and influential way.

Social Media Trend

The rise of social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, has brought chokers back into the spotlight. Influencers and fashion enthusiasts can now easily share their choker styles and inspirations with millions of followers, creating a global trend that transcends borders and cultures. Social media platforms have become a platform for showcasing various choker designs, from classic and elegant styles to more daring and avant-garde creations. Chokers have become an essential part of many fashion influencers’ and everyday individuals’ wardrobes, with users sharing their choker selfies and outfit inspirations, further influencing the fashion choices of their followers.


From ancient civilizations to the present day, chokers have proven to be a timeless and versatile accessory that has transcended cultural and fashion boundaries. From symbolizing power and elegance in ancient Egypt to representing rebellion and individuality in punk culture, chokers have always had the ability to make a statement. Whether it’s the jeweled chokers of the Renaissance period, the black ribbon chokers of the Victorian Era, or the layered and statement chokers of modern times, the choker trend has continuously reinvented itself to stay relevant.

The influence of celebrities, music videos, and social media has further propelled the popularity of chokers, making them a staple in the fashion world today. With endless variations and designs to choose from, chokers allow individuals to express their personal style and make a unique fashion statement. As fashion continues to evolve, it is safe to say that chokers will continue to have a place in the ever-changing landscape of trends and styles, reminding us of their enduring and captivating allure. So next time you’re wondering what accessory to add to your outfit, remember to consider the timeless and fashionable option of a choker.